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Text Style

Choose align, font style, font type and color

Visual Effects

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Add TikTok style text directly from Premiere

  • 10 lines of text
  • Standard TikTok Colors
  • Select Font Type – Classic, Typewriter, Handwritting, Neon or Serif
  • Select Font Style
  • Select text align
  • If necessary, edit line width
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TikTok Premeire Pro Text Style Settings
TikTok Premeire Pro Template Text Style Settings


For Effect House
TikTok Randomizer Effect House Template

TikTok Randomizer Effect House Template

cycling through images

Are you looking to make "Who are you?" "What are you?" or "Which are you" style effect for TikTok using Effect House beta? This is the place to be. Basically, you are cycling through images and showing a random frame.


Things you should know about editing TikTok videos in Premiere